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Nurture Small. Service All.

We work closely with our suppliers, partnering for success. Our Supplier Relationship Managers (SRMs) provide expertise and insight to help maximize your opportunities. Develop marketing plans that will help increase sales, profits and market share. Create the right strategy for your business.

The Next Generation of Innovation

UNFI Local is a program made up of people that have turned their passion for quality, well-made goods into a business. They are often fast-growing and need support building their supply chains. Whether they are going to stay local or scale-up nationally, we help by providing marketing and distribution support that takes these businesses where they want to go. UNFI Local makes it possible for more consumers to shop their products by giving retailers an easy and efficient way to add them to their shelves.

Supplier Support Site

Your 24/7 first-stop for information, forms, contacts and other resources for doing business with UNFI. 

Supplier Community Updates

Visit our supplier blog for quarterly communications designed to share UNFI supply chain initiatives with our supplier and broker partners. Sign up to be notified by email when new updates are posted.

Supplier Portal 

Using the UNFI Supplier Portal, suppliers can:

  • Manage contact and warehouse information
  • Appoint a broker to use the Portal on their behalf
  • Submit new items and track their status

Register for a Supplier Portal account, and download our quick reference guide and short tutorial videos by visiting the UNFI Supplier Support Site