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Moving Food Forward

We're pioneers who every day deliver new choices that shape the foodscape.

We discover what's next.  Bold ideas and new possibilities that drive the industry. Better food. Better future.

At UNFI, we're inspired by the unexpected. We look at things like our unmatched distribution network and 100,000 SKU assortment through a new lens. From gourmet and ethnic to fresh, prepared foods to specialty cheese - we cover everything in your store and kitchen. Energizing tomorrow, guiding a healthier road ahead.

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Our mission is to connect farms to families

How do we do it?

We deliver more organic and natural food to more plates across North America.


Because everyone deserves to have healthier food options.

Our values guide every step toward our mission

Passion for the planet

Seeing the big picture - doing what's right for people and the earth.

Adapt to serve

We embrace change to discover what's next.

Integrity comes naturally

Every day we do the right thing.

Many routes - one direction

We live our mission - bringing healthier food options to people.

Together we're better

Collaboration delivers success for us all.

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freedom of food choice matters

everyone deserves healthier food

We believe...
discovering what's next keeps us vital

bold ideas that shape the foodscape

we're not afraid to get our hands dirty no detail is too small
we're here to connect food, people and the planet

it’s about the big picture

new routes can take us anywhere

uncharted territory is our map

scale drives our ability to positively impact lives

volunteerism, charitable giving, UNFI Foundation

there is no limit to fresh ideas and no end to our learning
sustainability is our responsibility

we follow our own path