Marketing Programs

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High-Quality Tools & In-Store Promotions

When it comes to offering in-store marketing materials that will set your store apart, add efficiency, and maximize your potential – we can help.  High-quality tools and in-store promotions from some of our 10,000+ suppliers. Designed to satisfy customers and boost your profits. Turn-key print and digital options that are quick and easy to use.

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Circulars - Natural Connection & Healthy Advantage

  • Discounts on top-selling items
  • Low program participation cost with high ROI
  • Drive sales with monthly circulars imprinted with your store logo and location
  • Capture impulse buys with accompanying shelf talkers
  • Engage customers online with AdViewer, digital circulars

Circulars - Customized Marketing Program

  • Discounts on top-selling items
  • Create your own circulars, flyers, and  point-of-sale materials using UNFI’s database of images and product data
  • Maximize margin and enjoy high ROI’s
  • Engage customers online with AdViewer, digital circulars
  • Easily share your ads on social media
  • Increase reach with target mail service

Hot Sheets

  • 12 editions
  • Exclusive deals on top selling items
  • Discounts ranging from 30%-50% off
  • Promotes volume and case stacking opportunities

Shipper Program

  • Monthly selection of approximately 20 shippers per edition based on market trends, customer feedback and seasonality
  • Expanded natural and specialty offerings
  • An easy way to build sales and free up shelf space
  • Shipper Turnover flyers provided
  • Easily move product for cross merchandising
  • Keep products at POPs for impulse buying

Speed to Market

  • Be among the first retailers in the country to receive new products - before they are publicized in our catalogs
  • Products come from suppliers that are leaders in their categories or are introducing innovative new items

Tabletop Shows

  • Meet suppliers, try new and seasonal items
  • Receive exclusive deals for show attendees only
  • Utilize electronic show-only ordering quickly and easily

Show Schedule