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40,000+ grocery & wellness products

Direct to you or drop shipped to your customer

Drop Shipping

  • From East & West coast distribution centers
  • Order as eaches or cases
  • Product data feed with images
  • Accurate hourly in-stock inventory updates

Here's what we can do for you

etailer without a warehouse:

Get a broad selection of products, all available for drop shipping. It's your virtual inventory with 40,000+ "hooks" just waiting for search engine referrals. Ship from any of four eCommerce distribution centers to reduce transit time and shipping cost to your end consumer.

etailers with a warehouse:

You can buy in bulk for delivery to your warehouse, and/or expand your assortment with no investment in inventory. Buy in bulk - hundreds of products at 5% - 50% off every month. Let your purchasing volume on bulk buys earn you lower pricing levels on your drop ship items.


Go faster & further for your customers

Same-day shipping nationwide

Some of our most successful etailers use hybrid strategy of inventorying a core assessment from UNFI or Honest Green while using drop ship to expand the number of items sold in new categories or on dated product where the etailer doesn't want to take a chance of product expiring on the warehouse shelf.

Brick-and-mortar retailer:

We can give you a multi-channel strategy. A virtual store stocked with thousands of products gives depth to your in-store selection, also known as an extended aisle strategy.

UNFI independent natural retailer:

Current customers of UNFI get special pricing on our drop ship service. We offer turn-key web store options to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. And, with HG Delivers you can get access to brands that you may not be able to buy through your local UNFI distribution center.


Make Honest Green drop shipping part of your direct-to-home eCommerce strategy. Contact us for a personalized consultation on how to best leverage UNFI's assortment for sale online, and get our white paper on Supermarket Drop Ship Best Practices.


Big or small,
we service all

No minimum order size

No minimum order frequency

HG Delivers

  • Non-perishable UNFI products via UPS® and LTL pallet
  • Free shipping available with order minimum
  • Credit cards accepted
  • 10% - 50% off hundreds of products each month

Our Customers

  • Home-based businesses
  • Specialty food stores
  • Gift stores
  • Gift baskets
  • Hardware stores
  • Restaurants
  • Juice bars
  • Green home cleaning
  • Office micro-marts
  • Healthy vending
  • Gyms
  • Yoga studios
  • Daycare centers
  • K-12 private schools
  • Artisanal food manufacturers

Here's what we can do for you

Amazon.com® FBA sellers

We can label each case for delivery to Amazon.com® warehouses around the country and deliver free for qualifying orders by UPS and pallet.

Not ready to open a wholesale account?

Verified businesses buyers can still access our assortment at UNFIEasyOptions.com and buy with credit card with no order minimum or frequency.


Frequently asked questions

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Prospective New Customers

Click here to find answers to our frequently ask questions.

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Visit https://honestgreen.tenderapp.com/kb


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Etailz has gained access to thousand of wellness and grocery items by partnering with UNFI's eCommerce division. From the beginning, UNFI has understood our needs as an eCommerce seller, supplying us with optimized content, professional customer service, and reliable shipping.
Lauren Jacobson, etailz
I have to also say that I am very impressed with the overall vision and infrastructure that Honest Green has set up. I left the retail industry with the goal of finding companies that are on board with ecommerce and am very happy with what I see so far with Honest Green.
Rob Bresnik, San Diego River Inn
The good, clean data we receive from you all make this MUCH easier and faster!
Jon Burkhart, eCommerce Onboarding & Supply Chain
Specialist, Topco Associates, LLC