Green Design

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LEED® Certified Projects

We constantly strive to minimize the environmental impacts of our distribution centers. As part of
our strategy, we design and construct our buildings according to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. Our buildings use less energy and water, require less construction material and generate less waste, and provide healthier indoor environments for our associates.

Leed Projects

Gilroy, CA
Square Footage: 452,601
Completed: August 2015
LEED® Certification: Expected to achieve Gold
Twin Cities, WI
Square Footage: 300,000 expandable to 600,000
Completed: March 2015
LEED® Certification: Gold
Hudson Valley, NY
Square Footage: 500,000
Completed: July 2014
LEED® Certification: Gold
Racine, WI
Square Footage: 425,000
Completed: June 2014
LEED® Certification: Gold
Denver, CO
Square Footage: 425,000
Completed: July 2013
LEED® Certification: Gold
Lancaster, TX
Square Footage: 590,000
Completed: July 2010
LEED® Certification: Gold
York, PA
Square Footage: 682,105
Completed: December 2008
LEED® Certification: Gold
Ridgefield, WA
Square Footage: 238,000
Completed: December 2007
LEED® Certification: Gold
Providence, RI Corporate Headquarters
Square Footage: 69,000
Completed: September 2009
LEED® Certification: Silver