UNFI distributes over 65,000 products from leading and emerging natural, organic and specialty product manufacturers. We know the industry inside-and-out and use our experience and insight to offer our customers the best products and most effective assortments to meet their needs. UNFI also provides a variety of retail services and marketing programs.

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Natural, Organic & Specialty

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UNFI offers an extensive product selection in all categories – dry grocery, refrigerated, frozen, bulk, health and beauty, nutritional supplements. We offer a wide variety of kosher and ethnic foods, as well as general merchandise. Our bulk selection is extensive and includes new and trending bulk items. Whether you operate a bakery, deli, commercial kitchen or retail bulk department, we have what you need in bulk.

UNFI's Albert's Organics division distributes a large selection of organic produce as well as a wide variety of fresh products.

UNFI's Select Nutrition division offers the latest innovations in supplements and personal care as well as the classics.

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Organic Certification

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In 2002, UNFI became the first coast-to-coast natural products company certified in organic distribution. Our certification by Quality Assurance International, a USDA accredited organic certification organization, means that we meet the stringent standards of the USDA National Organic Program and that we have all the required systems in place to verify and maintain the organic integrity of product through entire supply chain. UNFI is the largest wholesale trader of organic goods, nationally, with over 11,000 SKU's of organic products. For more information about QAI, visit


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Our quarterly Trends reports gather data and insights from a variety of sources, including our in-house experts, to give our customers an edge in the marketplace. Visit our You Tube channel for the latest Trends report and a look at new products entering distribution. UNFI Customers can access the complete Trends reports by logging into our Customer Portal from our home page.

Product Issues and Standards

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UNFI is committed to educating our customers on key topics of food quality, integrity and safety. UNFI’s Position Statement on GMOs advocates for a moratorium on the use of GMO’s and for consumers' right to know what is in their food. We helped to launch the NonGMO Project and remain a staunch supporter. For more information visit Non-GMO. Through the UNFI Foundation, we support the Organic Center and other organizations that promote healthy, sustainable and organic food production and consumption.

In defining 'natural' we follow the high standards set by Whole Foods Market. For organics, we adhere to the standards and definitions of the National Organic Program. For more information visit Natural & Organic.

We are a member of the Organic Trade Association and a strong supporter of its efforts to raise consumer awareness and lobby on behalf of the organic industry.

We also support the efforts of our customers and suppliers to produce, promote and market Fair Trade products