At UNFI we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers by developing programs, services and talent to foster mutual success. UNFI offers leading service levels with on-time deliveries to meet our customer's needs and expectations. Our drivers are the best in the industry. Our strategic network of distribution centers provides efficiency in deliveries while minimizing fuel consumption, and we utilize critical technological efficiencies such as pick-to-voice and pick-to-light to ensure product is prepared and delivered accurately and on-time.

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Image: UNFI Truck in front of a customer store.

Experience & Size

  • Experts in Natural, Organic and Specialty
  • Experienced industry professionals with the passion, skills and knowledge to help substantially grow your business
  • A strategic network of 33 distribution centers provide efficiency in deliveries while minimizing fuel consumption
  • UNFI utilizes pick-to-voice and pick-to-light to ensure orders are prepared and delivered accurately and on-time
  • UNFI serves customers throughout Canada, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Bermuda, South Africa and Australia

Service & Support

  • Serving over 40,000 customer locations of all formats – independents, large and small chains, convenience stores and others – as well as foodservice and institutions
  • Experienced in transitioning new customers from previous suppliers with little to no impact on sales
  • Retail Services, Marketing Programs, and Financial Services to maximize sales and profits for our customers
  • Store Design Services – professional store planning and design team with over 20 years of experience in store design, fixtures and equipment to support new stores, relocations and remodels from start to finish


  • Offering more than 80,000 products in all retail categories (more than any other distributor); visit our Products section for more information
  • North America's largest national distributor of natural, organic and specialty products

Industry Leadership

  • A longtime supporter and an industry leader in developing Organics, fighting GMO proliferation and raising standards for food quality and integrity
  • An industry leader in the "triple bottom line" – balanced environmental, social and economic performance