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UNFI Supports Mandatory Labeling of GMOs 

October 11, 2012

UNFI unequivocally supports the full disclosure of product ingredients to consumers, including their right to know whether food products contain GMOs. UNFI believes the cultivation of GMOs and their presence in our food supply pose a threat to human and animal health and to the environment and is fundamentally contrary to our vision of a sustainable future.
There are numerous ballot initiatives at the state level designed to address the labeling of GMO food products and UNFI strongly supports efforts that provide consumers with complete information about the food they eat. While our position is to refrain from commenting on the details of individual state efforts, we view initiatives which move the issue of GMOs into the consciousness of more consumers as a positive development.
We believe the full disclosure of products containing GMOs allows consumers to make an educated decision regarding the food they choose to purchase and provide to their families. UNFI has been a key supporter of the Non-GMO Project since its inception, as well as of the Just Label It campaign. UNFI provides meaningful, ongoing support, guidance, and incentives to our suppliers to certify and label their products through the Non-GMO Project. For more on our position on GMOs, click here.